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Bicycle Services


Colbart's Bicycle Shop builds lasting relationships with our customers by providing superior bike service and the highest quality products for your ride. Our repair area is equipped to handle all of your bicycle service needs. We repair all brands of bikes and usually have the parts in stock.  Our shop has a large selection of tires and tubes, where we can fix your flat tire and get you back on the road. We also offer specialty service like Wheel Building, Tune-ups to major Overhauls. FREE estimates are available before any work is performed.  

A Tune-up checks every part of the bike for safety and makes necessary adjustments to the brakes, shift cables, headset, bottom bracket, wheel bearings adjustments, and front and rear derailleurs. We also look for proper tightening of pedals and crank arms, brake and shift levers, axle nuts, stem bolts and handlebar, seat and seat post. We perform inspections of tires for damage or excessive wear including proper inflation. Finally, we true both wheels and oil the chains and derailleur pivot points. A basic Tune-up starts at $40.00 plus for extra time and parts. 

An Overhaul is an expanded version of a Tune-up. An Overhaul includes looking at every part of the bike. The bike is dismantled to the bare frame and cleaned.  All bearings are cleaned and greased from the headset bearings, front and rear hubs, free wheel sprocket, cluster gears, bottom bracket bearings (crank), and pedal bearings. Brake cables and shift cables are lubricated. The chain, along with the derailleur front and rear are cleaned and lubricated. A basic Overhaul starts at $90.00 plus for extra time and parts.

Wheel Building Choose a hub, a rim, and spokes, and we will build the wheel for you. Price is subject to the size of the rim, hub, spoke selection and time invested.

Parts will be replaced at additional cost unless the customer refuses.  The only time we override the customer part replacement is for safety purposes. Prices and procedures are subject to change without notices.

If you have a bike service that is not listed, please visit our Contact page for contact information. At Colbart's Bicycle Shop, we will be happy to take care of you and your bike business.




Bicycle Services

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